Garth Peters

Original Musician from Palmerston North
Grunge Heavy Metal Stoner Metal
Joined Sat 18 Jul 2020 - 233 Views

19 years old. Want to be in a band heavy band that makes it big and changes music. I want to be on guitar in the band because I have many riffs that I know will be good. Also competent on drums and have many ideas for drums over my riffs. Just need a singer, bassist, and drummer. My riffs are heavy metal/desert rock/grunge esk style which I think is missing from New Zealand and even the world right now. Would love to have a yarn to some people and find the people who have the same goals as me, even if we are not in the same cities.
Some of my inspirations - Pantera, Kyuss, Guns n Roses, Nirvana, Ratm, Soad, Tool, Tom Petty, Supertramp
Flick us a text - 0223870436