Original & Covers Musician from Whangarei
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Started hitting the ice cream tubs and pans when I was 6. after that I had 4 years of pipe band drumming when I was 11-15 then first originals rock band. Very involved in the Dunedin music scene in my teens (with some success) until I moved to London aged 20. Spent 10 years in bands drumming and formed my own band as singer/guitarist/songwriter. {Some success there too} Also helped develop a 20+ drummers Brazilian Samba Carnival band for 3 years in England.
Moved back to NZ and have been in a couple of orignals and covers bands. Recorded two albums and played over 150 gigs. Currently still playing for RUST (rustbandpage on facebook) and currently drumming in musical theatre also.

I drum, sing and write my own tunes. Also play guitar and keyboards so am currently working on solo album at home. I also create videos for my own songs (YouTube - Greg Allen My Machine) and RUST (see RUST - Tryin to get a job)