Original & Covers Musician from Auckland
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I'm 32, nonbinary but female bodied.
Studied audio engineering and produce electronic music (dubstep, glitch, ambient, DNB inspired but fluid genre wise).
I run a guitar pedal biz called Replicant Pedals but I'm not great on guitar- drums are my main jam!

Fave bands to drum to:
Blind Melon, alice in chains, Jane's addiction, Poison the well (older stuff) deftones (older), thrice (artist in the ambulance), opeth (their lighter stuff!!) Ghost, Earth, pink floyd, sunny day real estate, walls of Jericho (all hail the dead album), sepultura, anti-flag (older), pearl jam, Thursday, misery signals, the ghost inside, from autumn to ashes, AFI...

...If I had to typecast I'd say stoner rock grunge hardcore metalcore, with a lashing of 90s alternative.

Fave bands to play guitar to: Metallica, cream, Ramones, blink182, nirvana, pixies, deftones, blind melon, Earth, slowdive, TooL,

Fave bands to listen to: mewithoutYou, com truise, skinny puppy, blind melon!! Prefuse 73, some gojira, poison the well (old albums only) OPETHHHH (ALL ALBUMS) Jane's addiction, alice in chains, echo and the bunnymen, knower,

To be advised or arranged given on my tastes of the day/week/year and jam tracks