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Hi, name Ghost or Maddy ^.^
I have always wanted to make a band and have had a few in the past... but the other members weren't committed enough to go far :( I am a guitarist and vocalist but i'll admit i'm not the most amazing singer... but I try my best! I am looking for anyone interested in creating a band, to play a few gigs and just have fun and see what happens. My music style is pop punk, though i'm open to creating unique music so anything really from grunge, emo trap, post punk whatever. Musicians that inspire me musically are lil peep, 5sos, my chemical romance, hot milk, waterparks, machine gun kelly.. etc.
I recently went to whammy bar on Krd to this event called baby names with artist who have the word baby in their names and seeing the first band babyteeth it just really got me wanting to perform.
Little bit about me... I'm 22, self taught guitarist for like 5 years so not amazing but i get better each day and can honestly play pretty well! I own four guitars, a drum kit and a stage keyboard soooo I got the band covered haha. I do try to write my own songs and have a few special ones to me, I loved to perform one day. I have performed in the past but only in USA. I am also a graphic designer and artist in that way so i got band branding covered too. want to stalk me and see who i am check @oooitsghost on Instagram!
must be Auckland based :) and preferably around 20 - 30 years old. >.< sorry. looking for 1-3 new people to make a band.


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