Soundkard Production offers professional recording and mixing services based in South Auckland at a reasonable rate. We deal with all musical genres.
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So when your songs are ready, let us help you bring out the best of your tracks. Email us at for all inquiries. Cheers.
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I've worked with Karl twice on two different projects which he approached each in a fitting way. He is an excellent engineer/producer, gives great feedback and has a casual demeanor when tracking whilst displaying professional work ethic and understanding of his craft. Recording with Karl is an enjoyable process and have regularly been satisfied with his mixes. Highly recommend. - Jordan Rex Carpenter (Achilles Complex, JP and Drag Kings)

My band FUEGO recorded two tracks at Soundkard a few weeks ago. We have done a lot of DIY recording but had little studio recording experience. We have always been very selective of who we record with as studio engineers/producers can be a bit intimidating and unreceptive of our ideas which compromises the output. But Karl was different. He was very polite and went the extra mile to assist us in any way possible and answer our silly questions. But what truly sets Karl apart was his ability to produce the music that we envisioned. Karl was able to capture the emotion of the songs which bridges the gap between us (the artists) and our beloved audience. Never short of cool ideas, Karl is a true professional who understands his clients well which is the first thing that any artist looks for in an engineer. Thanks heaps, Karl! - Terrence Ibasco (Fuego)

Karl recorded our band STATES live in the studio! Awesome work! Production was great! We are very happy with what we got from that experience and can’t wait to use his services again! Highly recommended! - Eder Marinho (States)

We just wrapped up a single with Soundkard for Play Big. Karl reckoned he hadn't done a lot of heavier stuff, but he got our sound better than anything we've done in the past and so huge. We're gonna have to step up our live game to match the single... haha, thanks heaps Karl. Everything he touched ended up massive but still 'un-produced' which we were after. He had heaps of input into the structure, and we were pumped on his mix first crack. We're all stoked, hoping we can do more with him soon. - Cam Sotham (Play Big)

Sushicats have recorded twice at Soundkard and hoping to do much more in the near future. Karl is super professional and great to deal with and we got results which were well beyond our expectations. Highly recommended! - Adam Tebbutt (Sushicats)

Karl is a truly gifted sound engineer and a lovely guy to work with. His ear for detail and dynamic texture took our music to the next level. 'preciate you brother. - Harley Flynn (Achilles Complex)

My recent album was the first Karl has done that was released on vinyl, and possibly the most analogue thing he'd done to date. My production style is more classic, using techniques from the 50s up until now, but there was nothing I suggested that Karl wouldn't try and achieve. He was extremely flexible with a number of recording locations and was happy to bounce ideas around; I think we both learnt a whole lot as a result. As an aside, my mastering engineer (Gearbox in London) were very impressed with the quality Karl achieved and were able to cut a great sounding record as a result. - Dominic Blaazer

Blissful, professional and fun- Karl knows exactly what he is doing! His personal inputs and recording decisions stem from years of experience. He had a 6th sense in capturing our musical vision (even when I couldn't explain it in words! )- that's how good he is! I would advise giving him creative freedom in the recording studio. Thanks Karl, we'll be back! - Jayde Petaera (JP and Drag Kings)

Soundkard Productions

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