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Kia ora, just putting out feelers to see if there are any other 90s punk fans out there who have given up on their rock star dreams and aspirations of professional musicianship. By 90s punk I guess I mean the likes of Lag Wagon, Nofx, Millencolin, Me first and the gimme gimmes etc. Anyway, I'm a pretty average drummer and even more average guitarist and singer looking for some like minded folk to play, hopefully punk, music with. Admittedly my punk chops are even more average, but I'm always keen to improve. I have equipment and transport and can sort a jam space if needed. I’m 42, a dad, and have a full time job so jams are targeted for evenings. Below are some links to my last outings as a drummer. If this piques your interest, get in touch. Awesome! Cheers, Ali (he, him)


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Posted: Thu 15 Jul 2021
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