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Hi. I play keyboard and sing songs by Elton John, The Beatles, Billy Joel, Lionel Ritchie, Andre Crouch (old school gospel) and others, and I’m starting to play more outdoor gigs, both in Auckland and elsewhere. I will be doing some original songs in future as well. You can check me out on my FB page and YouTube channel both called Wayne Taylor Music NZ. I am wanting a quality sound, so someone with musicianship and an ear for making a good overall sound - listening and contributing at the right volume level etc. I have recently got a drummer (in 30’s) and now I am looking for a guitarist (any age) or to be part of a backing band. This will mean both lead breaks, fills, and rhythm (I.e. for the song Daniel). I need someone who firstly likes the songs I do, secondly, can listen to the original and work out what to play & generate a similar guitar sound for the covers I do, and perform on stage confidently. Improvisation will also be welcomed. Someone with previous band experience would be preferred. I don’t play frequently, but looking at say every month or 6 weeks. The person needs to be a self starter and competent, as practices will be limited. They also need to be happy to play some gospel music. If you think this could be you it would be great to hear from you. I am based in Hobsonville Point.


Original & Covers Musician from Auckland
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Posted: Mon 21 Jun 2021
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