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We are a guitarist (28), drummer (23) and bass player (24) who have been jamming together and working on some tunes since the later part of 2020. Our aim is to put together a full lineup and get gigging. Ethan (bass) and myself (Ryan) are based on the north shore and Torrance (drummer) is in Howick - once we find vocals we can sort a central location for regular rehearsals etc.
Rough demos for a few originals: https://soundcloud.com/user-439513771/sets/guitar-drums-demos-for-band - from before we had bass so it's just guitar and drums.
Our stylistic influences are largely based in metal, but also include prog, punk, jazz and more. As for the songs, we are just trying to compose some cool and energetic tunes that we enjoy playing/listening too - no specific subgenre, but in the realm of metal.
Some specific band influences:
Ryan - System of a Down, Ripping Corpse, Dead Kennedys, Pentagram, Metallica, Crowbar, Cannibal Corpse
Torrance - Tool, Animals as Leaders
Ethan - Machine Head
We are looking someone committed and reliable, preferably with live experience. Be great to have someone that can sing and scream, but singing is preferred overall - thinking someone in the vein of James Hetfield/Phil Anselmo, but open to anyone with a cool voice and the ability to write good lyrics. We are able to provide backup vocals, so the opportunity for harmony etc is there.
If you are interested, get in contact here or email r.wallace.dttl@gmail.com for more info. Can check my profile for links to some of my past music.


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