New Havelock North Recording Studio

To Musicians & Songwriters everywhere,

I know what it's like to have a vision for your music, and how it feels to spend hours on hours working on a song that ends up never getting the attention it deserves because the final recording was sub-standard and lifeless. I've had that feeling and it's crushing.

If you have a song that you would like to craft and capture in a relaxed environment and to work with someone who will respect your vision regardless of how talented, experienced or in-the-know you are, then I would like to work with you. If your priority is capturing a vibe and crafting your sound, rather than being at the mercy of a producer/engineer who may not care or have time for your vision, then please get in touch.

Whether you are working on a demo, release quality track, or a recording to help build a profile and help with finding others to collaborate with, I will work with you to make something you can be proud of.

When I originally started recording my own music at Tiny Soul, l I wanted to achieve a high sound quality without sacrificing any of the soul and integrity of the artist. Ten years and countless songs later, the studio has grown to be a place where that is the reality. I offer a flat rate of $20 p/hr with the 1st day free when you book 4 or more full days. There is no other studio I know of in the country that offers this level of recording gear and sound quality for such affordable rates.

Feel free to get in touch at or give me a text or call on 0278056990 to discuss your project and for any questions you may have.

I'm looking forward to making music with you

New Havelock North Recording Studio

Tiny Soul Music

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