Metal Guitarist Wanted

I'm starting a new band. We have drums and vocals sorted, we now need strings. Bass, rhythm & lead. Although 1 gat may cut it, if you have the chops.
Starting with metal covers, and a possible view to make original shreds. Influences include Cavalera Sepultura, Pantera, Slayer, Carcass, Death.
Both myself and the drummer have plenty of gigs under our belts and will be looking to practice asap and gig later this year. We are also both involved in other gigging bands.
We practise in Masterton.
Can practise in Lower Hutt now and again.
Age not important, but for reference, the drummer is early 30s and I am early 40s.
Decent skills are important, but a good attitude is a must.
Hit me up if you're keen.

Metal Guitarist Wanted


Original & Covers Musician from Masterton
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Posted: Thu 01 Apr 2021
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Keywords: Metal Heavy metal Thrash metal Groove metal Thrash

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