Let s Start an Old Lady Punk Band


I'm looking to start or join a punk/punk adjacent women's band.

Yes, I'm old. You probably should be as well, and you should be a woman or identify as one. I can play bass (or drums if I have to), but in my last few bands my singing voice was called the Goblin, or an out of control super-goose, so take that how you will. I'd like to write and play originals, and I have experience in doing so, but mostly I just want to get together with some likeminded women, shriek like banshees and strike fear into the hearts of anyone with the misfortune of getting too close.

If you're a singer, guitar player, drummer - let's chat. I'm not a good bass player (and an even worse drummer), so all skill levels are welcome.


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Posted: Fri 12 Feb 2021
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