Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter looking for jams/form band

Hey everyone,
I'm Joe and I'm a 22y/o guitarist, singer and songwriter based in Central Auckland looking for similarly aged musos to get together and jam, with the hopes of starting a band.
I've been playing guitar for about 12 years and have been singing for a couple, and I'd be looking into a role of a singer/rhythm guitarist.
I'm into a range of stuff from thrash metal to Mayer and everything in between that has guitar in it. Not really sure what to label what I come up with, but I'm keen to get something alt/indie pop rock esque going with modern influences/production thrown in there. With that being said I'm pretty open so hit me with what you're into and I could be interested. I have a bunch of guitar ideas, some full song ideas without lyrics and a few songs with lyrics that I can bring along to work on, and hopefully we can conjure up some new stuff as we go.
Send me a message or an email at if you'd be keen to discuss and link up for a jam some time

Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter looking for jams/form band


Original & Covers Musician from Auckland
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Posted: Tue 12 Jan 2021
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