Rock n roll /pop oldies covers band “Rammy’s Rockers !”

Hi there ! I am mr Ryan McDonald and for fun my nicknames are the “Greyhound Drummer !” and the “Cat Daddy !” Lol ! :) And I would like to try to start up an ambitious musical project and take the families of New Zealand down memory lane as the saying goes .But which hopefully provides something unique and different than what other New Zealand bands actually provide :) my dad Bruce McDonald has brought me up on a lot of old Skool music back when I was a kid growing up which has influenced my musical tastes etc. my dad’s cousin was mr “Steve Gilpin”who used to be the lead singer from the professional famous late 70’s/80’s New Zealand kiwi band “Misex” who had that big no1 hit called “Computer Games” ! :) so therefore I am looking to form a rock n roll /pop/ oldies covers band called “Rammy’s Rockers !” dat does late 50’s and 60’s and 70’s rock and roll and British Invasion and oldies but goodies and pop music right up to today’s modern music ! A little bit of 60’s soul and r n b shall be included like Sam Cooke for example , and A bit of disco 70’s like Abba shall be included too.This music and band would hopefully be a bit like the style of music you would hear at the “Takapuna Rocks !” Musical entertainment festival , and would be good and fun for people of all ages to enjoy hopefully .I would like to form a band of about 8 members at the most if I can . I am in the Auckland area. I need a drummer, a piano keyboard player , a bass guitarist who can play bass lines for my songs,, a rhythm guitarist who can play the basic chords for my songs , a lead guitarist who can play lead guitar solos for my songs, a lead vocalist and a lot of backing vocalists for harmonies and I would appreciate , an experienced saxophonist too . I would like to do some beach boys music too, so I need bout 5 vocalists, so I need a bass singer, baritone singer, tenor singer, Alto singer and falsetto singer like you see in the beach boys band and in the tremeloes band and Frankie Vali and the four seasons from jersey boys musical from the 60’s also looking for some talented female lead singers out there who can belt out some 60’s and 70’s songs too :) I can play sing and do harmonies, I can play the drums, I can play the piano keyboard , I can play the bass guitar , I can play the acoustic and electric ukulele , I can play the electric guitar too ! I have been playing the drums and the piano for about 20 years. I can do drums solos on the drum kit , I can do piano solos on the electric piano keyboard and I can do lead guitar solos on the electric guitar and I can do ukulele solos on my electric ukulele and accoustic ukulele ! So am experienced in those areas as I took drums lessons and piano lessons and bass guitar lessons as a kid. Have also tried out the flute and saxophone and harmonica/mouth organ once. Got a music room for our band to jam in at my place that my parents Jane and Bruce own if needed . Would also like to play at other venues like pubs and weddings etc , so if u have a van that would be handy to transport instruments and equipment to and from performance venues . Here are two youtube links to some of my home music videos of me playing the electric guitar and the electric ukulele on youtube. : If u r interested please feel free to let me know ! My mobile number is 0211608986, my home landline is (09) 9632013, If u need my email , it is i am Ryan McDonald if you want to add me on Facebook or YouTube. I would love you to join my band ! :) let’s go down memory lane together ! :) thanks everyone ! :)

Ryan McDonald the Greyhound Drummer of Rammy s Rockers Band

Covers Musician from Auckland
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