Vocalist - Writer - Instrumentalist looking for a CHCH band

I am a 24 year old male Christchurch native returning from a 2 year venture of living in windy Wellington. Driven home by the unsustainable house prices and a change of personal circumstances, leaving my bandmates in Wellington alt-metal band Dark Ichor is amongst my biggest regrets.
But looking to the future, I feel the calling to perform and record music, and I believe I am ready for the role of front man in a fun-loving and passionate band doing a variety of covers and originals.
My biggest influences include TOOL, Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed, A Perfect Circle, Trivium, The Black Dahlia Murder, Haken, Shinedown, Linkin Park, Rage Against The Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and a hundred other artists. I love metal but also enjoy gangsta rap, techno, funk, rock, and anything written with attention to detail and meaningful intent.
I am a competent guitarist and bassist, I have a passion for songwriting, skill with digital audio workspaces and acoustic engineering, I have been a practicing drummer for the past year and I have been regularly working on my vocal delivery. Admittedly late to the party, my reaction to recordings of songs like Sober and Aenima finally determined my drive towards becoming a performing vocalist. Regardless of overall trajectory, at least one TOOL cover is mandatory.
Hope to hear from you if you are interested. Hit me up and we can have a coffee or go for a blaze and see whether we'd be able to work together.

Vocalist - Writer - Instrumentalist looking for a CHCH band


Musician from Christchurch
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