Ultimate Auditory Acoustic Group

Putting up an originals/covers group, with the sound influences of auditory “LONDON GRAMMAR” meets the soul of “SAM SMITH” and heart and funk of “GEORGE MICHAEL”.
Was thinking to have violinist/cellist , cajon/drummer, pianist, bassist and a guitarist... if any of you guys out there could sing or do back up vocals- that would be goals- I always wanted that rich, full and round sound.
Soul, blues,pop, indie and electronic sounds arranged/produced really tasteful but also ACCESSIBLE. (don’t we all want to achieve that commercial success? Just saying).
I’m a vocalist- and it’s funny for a songwriter that I can’t read notes but I do however definitely have the ear. I sound weird I guess coz I’m in the middle of male and female keys... I’m not the best singer... most times artists say they’re really good and they suck big time, so I humble myself and just let music and artistry be the focal point. I have deep profound emotions but also, I can get really technical and dynamic vocal wise . I love love love good harmonies.
I am very open to experiments, “the sound doesn’t define the person, but the person defines the sound” if you get my drift. I would even love to sing songs in other languages like Spanish, Italian, Brazilian and even Arabic(as I was in the Middle East for 10 ).
Oh and did I mention I have this dark sense of humour, a bit crazy (the good crazy) on and off stage. And if you are looking for that send dead gorgeous, young, fresh and sexy front guy, please swipe left, lol. I would rather be Adele over Taylor Swift... no offense and no shade there.
These videos are really rough and the audio is not the best quality but it’s me...just to give you a feel of my sound. Both recorded live last February 1, 2020, From an LGBT Pride event somewhere in Panmure :
1. Falling cover by Harry Styles
COPY PASTE please:
2. You Are The Reason cover by Callum Scott
COPY PASTE please:


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