Vocals that have groove .. Ocean Alley & Sticky feelss

Looking for wicked vocalists that have similar vibes to Ocean Alley & Sticky.. don't mind where you are at in the country.
If you have style that inspries us we will make the effort. Been playing for years in many differen't bands but have been underground writing a lot.
Time to put it all together :P
Here's a recent improvisation that we did and just said it was a E.P hahah. This isn't the style we want to play.. been writing well structured light melodic vibes with touch of psychedelic feels for somee depth.
We are passinonate as.. have all the gear, recording capabilities and tight as.
Send us your profile of music.. or some recordings 02108625917

Recorded this really quickly this morning to give a little direction of where we might head.. heads up is only 1 takes rough as.. https://soundcloud.com/user-41855341/snickel/s-U0il8ShoqJm?ref=clipboard

Vocals that have groove .. Ocean Alley & Sticky feelss


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Posted: Thu 29 Oct 2020
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