songwriter lead guitarist looking for a group to work with

I am a life long songwriter who is committed to writing good, honest music that has quality both lyrically and musically. I’ve been playing guitar since I was 7, and writing lyrics since forever. In high school I played in a couple of musicals, which gave me an understanding of jazz and classical composition, and in uni I was involved in multiple bands and recorded with a few different producers, mostly electronic, trying to make a fusion of 20th century sounds with modern day technological abilities (ie lots of vocoders, big synths, heavy bass, a lot of piano roll work)

This year I have been especially focused on recording interesting music and have personally learnt a lot about production. I can write pretty much anything into a piano roll now and have it sound organic and thought out.

I’m hoping to join any kind of musical group, outside of the metal world, to continue creating interesting and exciting music. I would love to offer both my guitar abilities and my vocals for any kind of live performance, as well as my writing skills to help make a body of work for a band/duo/group/etc.

If youre interested but want to hear some of the music I’ve been creating recently for some examples hit me up and I’ll send through some links

Hoping to hear from anybody soon!

Jack Dryden

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Posted: Tue 06 Oct 2020
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