Writer collaboration wanted

Do you have lyrics and no tune? Or maybe an awesome riff/hook and need some words to compliment it?

The Beatles had Lennon & McCartney, INXS had Michael Hutchence and Andrew Farris (can't believe INXS just turned 40 - still Rockin' IMHO) - keen to collaborate on a songwriting project.

Keen to meet up an a casual/semi-regular basis to work up some ideas, and maybe do some recordings etc.
I play Guitar/Bass and Sax, plus 1/2 decent on Midi keyboards etc - I use Cubase for recordings/mixing - have a pretty decent recording set-up/space.

Most styles/genres other than hard/metal or Trad Folk etc.

Older Muso, but not ageist.

Eddy current

Original & Covers Musician from Wellington
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Posted: Sun 04 Oct 2020
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