Drummer Available in Auckland for Band

Hi all, I am 22 and looking for a band/other musicians to play and perform gigs/concerts/music. I usually play rock/metal (not that heavy)/prog etc., such as songs from Tool, Avenged Sevenfold, and Animals as Leaders, but am open to playing any music. I am based around the Southeast Auckland area.

I would also prefer originals, and hope for the project to become something serious? or something

I can also do some vocals if needed, but that would probably need some practice hah

Some performance footage of me can be found here:
Also there's my instagram @torrance.kam (although its kinda new so there aren't that many videos yet)

Text me at 0220163113 (I'll probably miss any calls) or email tkam358@aucklanduni.ac.nz if you want to talk more :) Thanks!

(I'll take this down when im not looking for musicians anymore so don't worry if it's been 30 days or something)


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