A Second Chance OK Boomer

Well, after the first posting we met some great musicians! Unfortunately health seem to be a major factor in being able to turn up regularly, so here is your second chance to come join us and enjoy playing some tunes. Looking for a guitarist, and probably a bass player (in a pinch a couple of us give bass a go). If you replied to my first post, feel free to reply again!

The original post was: do you enjoy the sound of Gilmore, Frampton, Richards, May, Harrison, Becker? Do you know all the words, chords, bass or lead to Rikki…? If so, I am looking for some aged folks (or inspired post boomers), who have real day jobs and decent work ethic, to get together to have some fun, share a laugh, and play for a bit on a regular basis. We will have access to a decent music room, so it’s just a matter of showing up, plugging in and playing. A modicum of talent would be nice, but it’s more about the fun. Personally, I have no desire to hit the road and tour New Zealand, and the music I really like is generally too hard to play… so if it has to be a 1-5-6-4, so be it (as that did seem to work for some great bands). Message me and tell me about your story, vision, availability and talent. I'll get back to you.


Original & Covers Musician from Wellington
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Posted: Mon 14 Sep 2020
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