Lead Female Vocalist Available

Lead female vocalist available. Looking for a band or project that is serious about wanting to go somewhere and not just doing it for fun (but having fun is of course important : ) )
i.e. no time wasters or people who think its normal taking years to perfect one song
Looking for musicians who are also good at communicating with each other really well, as this is very important, and who actually have the time and passion to really commit to music.
Prefer rock and metal, but of the melodious kind. Demos available on request.
I play other instruments too, have lots of experience mixing and composing and singing, but singing is my main love. I am happy to let others write lyrics and music and just sing myself, or happy to pitch in with it all.
Please message me back here.
PS: All ages welcomed!!


Original & Covers Musician from Auckland
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Posted: Mon 27 Jul 2020
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Keywords: vocalist female vocalist piano synth mixing rock metal

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