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Hi everyone,

My name is Simon McDowell. I just came back to Auckland, New Zealand to live after living in Tokyo for 11 years and am looking for other musicians to play with. I guess I'm looking for covers and work and maybe an original band if I like the material. I'm into all sorts of music. I have a ton of experience and played with quite a few different artists.

Here's a list of people I have worked with. Some you may know and most you probably wont :P:

Kenji Hino (Aka JINO)
Juna Serita & The Sauce
Philip Woo
Ed Sheeran
Tony Lindsay (Ex-Santana Singer 1995-2015)
Monique Dehaney
Michael Bodin
Angella Giustini
Chazzy Green
Ray Dorsey
Taylor Swift
Peter Montgomery
Michael Bethany
Derek Short
Keren Rudow
Koda Kumi
Carly Rae Jepsen
Kaleb James (Played with Lenny Kravitz, Earth Wind & Fire etc..)

If you also would like to check out my Instagram page here it is:

Pro Drummer Available


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