An amalgamation of geezers whose zenith was way back in the 60’s .. and we’re still bewitched by the magic of performing ‘live’ music .. a line-up of lead guitarist, 2nd guitarist/keyboards, bassist & drummer .. all vocalists, with a love of collective harmonies (aspirations to Beach Boys, Beatles, Eagles kind’a thing), but realist enough to know they needn’t feel too threatened.
BUT our drummer/vocalist has called it quits, & we need a competent replacement who’s reasonably ‘local’ .. we’re predominantly based on Auckland’s North Shore.
We have the services of a capable ‘ring-in’ currently, but he’s borrowed from another working group & there’s bound to be clash of dates before too long .. when CV19 chaos allows once more, we expect to play about twice a month, primarily RSA dances, but R & Roll (and line-dance gatherings) are familiar territory for us.
So a Senior, who’s keen n capable & fortunate enough to enjoy good health .. we need you !



Covers Band from Auckland
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Posted: Mon 25 May 2020
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