Looking for serious musicians Bass Drummer Keyboardist

Looking to start a trio of serious musicians to make 'progressive rock/art rock/fusion' and bring real music back into the ears of people.

Looking for any bassist, organist, drummer. I will fill the last position, and can assist with all these instruments in writing/playing.

I'm 24, I have an electrical organ, bass, guitars, drums and recording gear in my home studio. I can play all these instruments, not really a huge fan of the guitar personally. I don't mind if you aren't the best player in the world, neither am I, so long as you are passionate and willing to work to achieve. Even if you can't read music, if you are seriously interested in this type of music and want to be a part of it then you can learn how to read music in time.

I am heavily interested in complex compositions, not 'technical and fast':

-Stravinsky-esque features like polytonal dissonance, atonality, complex musical structure and time.

-Applying classical influences to modern styles of music.

-Progressive Rock and Jazz Fusion themes

-Long solos and recordings.

Musical interests to be something like this:




The goal is live shows and creating music that NZ has never seen or heard of.


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