Hey team,
I've got a wee group going to start playing gigs at the likes of ding, whammy etc. All the divey places. We're looking for a new guitarist. We've only had one jam so far before covid so you've not got much catching up to do. We're initially starting off with covers but will go into writing etc. I'm on vocals, we've got guitar two, drums and bass locked down. But we need you.
Think Idles, Frank Carter and the Rattle Snakes, The Bronx etc.
0278421639 if you're interested. Chuck us a text cause I may be working. Everyone is late 20's early 30's mix of guys and gals. We don't care how young/old you are or what gender you are, just that you have your own gear, will work as hard as the rest of us and are available to jam and can get yourself there.



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Posted: Fri 22 May 2020
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Keywords: Postpunk posthardcore covers

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