Wellington Based Guitarist looking for a band

Hi beautiful people.

I'm looking to join a band or form a band here in wellington I'm a fairly experienced guitarist (24 y/o) and vocalist. I'm interested in playing rock/pop/punk or really any genre I like mostly anything. Ideally the band would be lighthearted and a bit experimental.

Private message me if you want to be in my band or have a band and want me in or you wanna tell me a really bad dad joke

Have a nice day, stay hydrated.


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Posted: Thu 27 Feb 2020
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bass guitar vocals

More things like this thing...

Ras Natty Reggae skanking guitar is my ting

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By: Ras-Natty
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Guitarist available

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By: mcleod
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Lead Guitarist Available

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By: Bluesrock
Posted: Thu 23 Jan 2020
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