Vocalist Drummer coming to nz

Im heading over to qt in a few months and wanted to put the feelers out for metal bands.
Ive played drums for probably 15 years, on and off so a little bit rusty but nothing a couple sessions wont sort out!
Love playing all rock and metal on drums, from ac/dc to lamb of god.
Vocals wise, i consider myself a good growler and variant of deep disgusting metal noises, also can sing within a certain deep range. The other style of singing i can do is blues/rock n roll style, i can hit higher notes but prefer metal...

Down to get stuck in as soon as i get there, want to have fun,meet some cools people and get our mosh on.

Hit me up for a chat and we can go from there whether its listening to each others music tastes or exchanging recordings until i arrive in the mega qt!

Look forward to hearing from you!


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Posted: Fri 31 Jan 2020
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Growl metal drummer vocalist

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