Bon Jovi Tribute

I’m looking to form a Bon Jovi tribute act, based in Auckland but ready (in time) to go gigging across NZ and potentially beyond if we’re good enough. Working band name is ‘BoNZ Jovi’, but open to alternatives that work.
I am ‘Tico Torres’ (drums) – I am looking for ‘Jon’ (vox), ‘Richie / Phil X’ (guitar/ vox), ‘David’ (keys) and ‘Alec / Hugh’ (bass) to join me. Must be familiar with their main material and be of a reasonable standard to perform this as a tribute act, not just a band that plays Bon Jovi songs.
Hoping to hold auditions end Jan in Auckland. Inviting interested peeps to send material that will spark my attention.
David (TT)


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Posted: Sat 04 Jan 2020
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