Lessons in DIY home and project studio music production


I am an independent musician who writes, records & releases music worldwide on Spotify, Apple Music etc and I help others do the same

If you want to learn how to record yourself I can assess your situation and set you up with the best value gear and training so you can record your music.

For $100 I will come to your place helping you get better recordings faster.
After working with me you will:
- Be recording your music to a higher quality.
- Have more control over your creative process,
- Find new inspiration in your own music
- Save hundreds of dollars, as a result of not buying into marketing hype for a bunch of gear You don’t need.

Indigo Oak Studio - Taking mystery and costs out of recording YOUR music.

YOUR MUSIC MATTERS - Don't wait for permission from the industry
Record then distribute your music to YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, labels, venues, fans and other musicians now!

Check out

My website, loaded with free tips and advice, here


My YouTube channel here


021 749489

Indigo Oak Studio

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