Ellamy Studios Limited

Ellamy Studios is Aucklands hidden secret for bands! Premier gear and experience at realistic cost with a relaxed atmosphere.
Ellamy can cater for up to a 4 piece live band, with up to 4 isolated areas. One large main tracking room, with a vocal booth in the corner, a guitar cab space, and a control room all acoustically designed by John L Sayers.
Premium microphones include a mid 60s U87, late 50s STC 4038s, modern tube mics like the amazing T1 (U47 clone) from BeesNeez, and all the dynamics you would expect.
This is tracked thru high end vintage mic preamps like the Neve 1073s, or the D&R trasnformerless mic pres (better than the Audients, or APIs), or thru modern mic pres like the pacificas.
All the typical outboard is available, including special pieces like real EMT plate reverb, a bricasti M7, AMS RMX16 reverb, pultec eqs, 1176s, LA2A clones, distressors, SSL compressors and a real space echo from Roland.
Lots of high end instruments including a Telecaster, P Bass, Jazz fretless, Jaguar Guitar, Juno 106,JDXA, Korg Kronos, mid 60s ludwig silver sparkle drum kit, several snares, and a Yamaha U1 upright.
Great coffee, and PS2 for downtime. This is the place to make original, super high quality songs into international quality recordings.
From full production to mix and mastering, call Louis on 021846680

Ellamy Studios Limited

Ellamy Studios

Service from Auckland
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