Keyboardist needed for paid gigs

23 Jan 2024 400 views
Musician Wanted (Piano / Keyboard / Synth)
We're Halfstar. Looking for a solid keyboard/backing vocalist player for a Green Day tribute band! We'll be doing paid gigs this year and are looking to actually make some handy money's!

We have some requirements if you want to join:
- Age range: 20-40

- Must be a Green Day fan! Plus willing to learn songs across all their era's.

- Have to be willing to do serious backing vocals, and be familiar with Jason Freese’s playing style.

- Must not be wrapped in a bunch of other projects/bands already! If you're in 1 other band and think you can efficiently commit to this band, then that's all good! We started off just for fun, but now we're very serious and need someone to give their time and energy to the band.

- Must have their own gear!

- Must be committed to weekly or fortnightly rehearsals.

- Must be willing, energized and perceptive to content creation/social media presence. This involves promo videos, recording, photoshoots etc. If we want to grow bigger and bigger, this is essential. This may involve a little investment (split between 4 members) for hiring studios, gear, travel etc...

- Good communication! Sounds silly - But we need someone who's got their shit together! Need to be responsive in a group chat forum; and not just show up. Don't want to be chasing someone around and have us wasting our time!

- Above all else, we're looking for someone who also just knows how to jam and have fun!

Auditions will start February.

Contact me on: 027 895 9134
Keyboardist needed for paid gigs


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