Want to play Metal covers and originals

Metal duo based in North & West Auckland looking to get the rest of a band together to play some great covers, write some originals and drink beer whilst talking about 80's action flicks.

We've been playing guitar and bass for a fair old while, both in our early 40's so we've been around the block a few times and we're keen to start playing in a full band again. We're not looking to become the next biggest thing, this is just a place to play the music we love and with the occasional gig in mind.

Covers wise it would be what everyone wants to bring to the table but think of Killswitch Engage, Pantera and Slipknot and you'll be in the right direction. Check out our soundcloud page for an idea of some original material where we need the rest of the band to really bring this to life. https://soundcloud.com/ifitbleeds_wcki

So if you're keen to get out the house for a bit and play some metal then get in touch.

(FYI - the photos on the soundcloud page are pretty old, we've aged a bit since then)

If It Bleeds

Original & Covers Musician from Auckland
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Posted: Sun 12 Jun 2022
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Keywords: vocalist screams cleans drums guitar metal

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