Guitarist looking to form band

Hi there,

I'm a 30-year old intermediate guitarist looking to form a band. I've been writing and recording song ideas over the last couple of years and would love to collaborate with other musicians (guitarist, bassist, drummer, singer). I'd also love to play my originals at gigs plus a few covers. While my writing is primarily metal focused, I'd love to incorporate other styles into my music (funk, blues, electronic) as the bands I listen to also incorporate these styles into their sounds. I've been primarily writing in standard tuning, though I'd love to write some songs tuned lower down as well.

I've linked my Soundcloud account so you can listen to some of the ideas I've worked on so far ( If you like what you hear and/or think you have something to add to it, get in touch.


Michael - 0278443405

Guitarist looking to form band


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Posted: Sun 24 Apr 2022
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