Doctor Ukulele The Cat Daddy Band

anybody rhythm guitarists and lead guitarists and bass guitarists wanting to join my band ? you need to be able to do chords aswell as riffs and solos aswell as ;ay bass lines.. i already have an accordian player . I can play drums, guitar, ukulele, piano and drums and i can sing and do harmonies. I have a couple of amps at my place already and i have a music room that we can all practice and jam in. I also have backing tracks for us all to jam along to if needed that i have created from my comptuter from Garageband that i play through my ipod dock from my ipod if needed. i will be doing late 50's right up to early 2000's music. so if anybody's interested give me a shout thanks :)

Ryan McDonald of Doctor Ukulele The Cat Daddy Band

Covers Musician from Auckland
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Posted: Mon 11 Apr 2022
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