Burning Embers
Wellington Band Joined: Mon 17 Jun 13 - Last Seen: Tue 31 Oct 17 - 1294 views

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There have been a few underground Wellington rock bands that have stood out and Burning Embers is no exception. From wild parties, multitude of naughty escapades through to ritual disbanding. They earned a reputation that many respect. You could write a book about the years of Burning Embers and it would surely be a best seller.

15 drummers, 5 bass players, 6 guitarist later and Burning Embers still keep the flame going. But like all great bands there comes a time when you see life in a different light. Singer/songwriter Robert Morgan gave away the booze and the crazy parties and drugs and decided to take things easy. Rediscover the essence of what influenced Burning Embers and create music from a sober, more humbled point of view. We saw many opportunities but equally lost many say's Rob. Why? they loved and lived to party. lacked discipline like it seemed necessary. Listened to know one whether you were offering a opportunity of a lifetime or not. They didn't care. When did you ever hear that every new member of a band had to be burnt (by a cigarette or similar) on the wrist after their first gig? And believe me there's many burns out there not just members but also fans (mainly woman lol, go figures) As much as we loved and lived rock n roll it had it's downers. But that's another story. But now after all the arrogance and blow ass attitude we landed back on earth with more grounded songs. Actually there is only one member who is going through with the new journey. Rob. Not everyone wanted to give up the party. So now the music has matured into a acoustic rock ballad thing that can't be defined by one person but hopefully by the emotional effect it has on it's audience. Think Alice in Chains unplugged, Tea Party, Day's of the new, well you get my drift :) If you haven't heard Burning Embers before please do. You might be pleasantly surprised. The new improved, humbled Burning Embers.....always rising from the ashes.