Original Musician from Auckland
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I have played guitar and keyboards in various bands since the 90's and have supported internationals including Jesus Jones, Placebo and Tool.
I have most recently toured internationally with Gypsy/Dub/Pop group The Mamaku Project.
That band is on indefinite hiatus at the moment and I am itching to get into something new and creative!
As usual these days, I am into most music, but my main influences guitar wise would be Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Smashing Pumpkins, Hendrix, Prince, and various Bowie guitarists.
I have done many different types of music from rock to dub to jazz etc, and I work very well with anybody.
I can fit into your group and augment the sound in ways you perhaps haven't thought of maybe....
I just enjoy putting stuff together and am used to working hard to achieve goals.
I am mainly a guitarist, but can play keyboards as well.
Aside from guitar music, I also like Aphex Twin, Dead Can Dance, Purity Ring, and a whole bunch of ambient/soundtrack type music including Steve Roach and Robert Rich.
Here are a couple of links to give you some idea. The first is more recent, the other is from ages ago...