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Illuminus is a rock band from Auckland, New Zealand. Their debut album 'Until the End' was released in 2012 and received rave reviews.

Until The End is a professional debut from a band that should win fans with their unique sound. - Alistair3000 -

Illuminus have injected some interesting touches that may well broaden this record’s appeal beyond a determined core.- Amanda Mills - NZ Musician Magazine.

Following a stint of shows in 2012, Aidan and drummer Turin Howell spent most of 2013 writing the songs that would become their follow up album. Drums were recorded at the Killing Room by Matt Keller, at which point new Holden Schade was recruited on bass and immediately recorded all basstracks for the album. Turin decided to part ways with the band in early 2014, and new drummer Patrick Bowe was recruited. The new stuff sounds alot more progressive than the first one, and is influenced by Aussie bands Cog, Karnivool, The Butterfly Effect, Dead Letter Circus and Sydonia, from my time living there for 5 years, says Aidan. It's pretty f**cken heavy too, he says.

Mixing of the new album has now been completed, and mastering is soon to begin, with a release date for late 2014 to be confirmed. Music videos for the new songs, all made by Aidan, will be popping out along the way.