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My name is Ashleigh and I am a female and 21-yr-old musical artist.
I love and embrace all things art, and cannot be without it. I sometimes feel I may even be a little too dreamy for my own good, but that is only if people around me do not appreciate the arts for what it is- beautiful!!
Anyways, I appreciate many genres of music, and have been writing lyrics and composing my own music for many years. My next goal and aim is to master reading and writing notations to a professional level, as well as in production- mixing & mastering music.
After nailing my ability to compose and write lyrics in many styles and genres, I want to be able to create something new with the production side of things, too. Much of my music, although leaning towards a specific genre sound- either alternative, ballad-meets-classical, creepy-licious, dramatic, have mostly been experimental and Avant-Garde.
The future idea is to hopefully delve into the world of some sort of Avant-Garde electronica, one day soon.
For now, I am heavily interested on really getting out there and performing!!!
I love to sing and dance and connect with friends and music- what great love there is to be shared in this wonderful universe!!!
I also take music seriously, but like to not take every tiny thing too seriously in a pessimistic way- live life to its fullest, is the truth.
Hope to meet you all on this fated journey, very soon :)