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My names Gemma Celeste I am a fun loving and feisty LEO who loves to perform and put on a show! I am looking to collaborate with other musicians on original music whether it be rock, rnb, drum n bass, house I love it all and have done it all. I also love doing live freestyle vocals with DJ's. I am also looking to form or join a 2 piece band for smaller gigs and a full band for larger gigs for covers or/and originals

I moved back to Auckland 3.5 years ago after 14 years living overseas! During my entire time away I was in various covers and original bands.I have spent the last 16 years entertaining crowds at weddings, birthdays, festivals events and corporate functions along side original perfromances.

Belwo is a file of recordings I did with a covers band


I have worked with various DJ's here in NZ and in London lending my vocals to create a unique live experience most of the time making up lyrics and melodies on the spot. I have worked with various local Djs here in Auckland including...
* Salina Pearl ( Ginger Minx, Backyard Bar, Revelry, Access)
* Gabriella Gonzalez ( Society and Nook, Empire Tavern)
* Bevan Keys ( Empire Tavern),
* Greg Churchill ( Empire Tavern, Ginger Minx)
*Grant Marshall ( Mantells, Le Ball)
* Darnell ( Orleans)
* Candaian DJs Skitour
* Layla/Freedom on Sax ( We can be booked as a DJ, Saxaphone and Vocal act)

And many more whom are not so known including drum and bass djs.
I also lended my vocals to a single with Gabriellra Gonzalez who I do regular dj/vocal gigs with. Here is the track :)

and here is the live vocal of us performing at big boys toys in Auckland 2017

Below is a link to a band I used to be a part of the in the UK

I won a competition to sing an aleternative vocal for a song released in the UK that was record here at redbull studios

This was my audition for it. live in my room :)

As discussed I am currently writing original material for our band 'Battle of the frequency here is a link to one of our sample tracks its not complete but shows another side to my voice.
Thi track is called Stand Up -
And this one is called Tube Dwellers -

I hope this gives you a clear idea of my voice and different writing and singing styles I have dabbled with.
Peace and love

Look forward to hearing from you soon.
Gemma Celeste