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Kia ora,
I'm a female acoustic guitarist.

I live in Waikato, or somewhere near Huntly. My mates say I'm really chill and relaxed, so I'll take their word for it.
I can play both acoustic and electric guitar (but I prefer acoustic) I can play basic piano chords. I'm not the best vocalist, but I can sing in tune (or I can sing really off-key).
I can play basic drums.
I always make new music compositions, new riffs and chord patterns, and I do alot of fingerstyle too.
I'll play any song, or learn any song.
I'll follow your lead or you can follow mine, I don't mind taking lead.
Apparently I'm good at rhythm.
I'm good with dynamics and stuff.
I'm the worst at writing lyrics, unless you want a poem about cats and dogs ?
I'm always on my phone or Ipad (this is probably a bad thing) I'm always posting shit on snapchat about music