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Originals Alternative Pop/Rock Prog-Rock/Art Rock Dub Tool Deftones

25 years old, have been playing on and off for 10 years or so, probably should be a little better than I am, but hey, only ever really jammed socially apart from a few party here and there work full time so finding time to jam has been a problem in the past but if this work well I have access to a warehouse in porirua that we can used any time after 6pm,

Have always played rocky stuff, a few funky beats here and there, Not a cymbal bashing double kicking blast beat kinda guy, take a lot of influence from tools Danny Carey but also admire drummers like Kieth Carlock, Benny Greb, Chris colman,

Just really looking for people to have a few beers and jam with and have a bit of fun, If thing work out Im not at all against going to the odd open mic or gigging now and again,

Look forward to jamming