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Covers Rock Korean Pop Japanese Rock ONE OK ROCK Senri Kawaguchi DAY6

Female - 17 - Drummer - Auckland -

I'm quite new to music but I've been learning the drums for just over a year now. I am fairly shy but if anyone's willing to have me I'm always open to making new friends!

Before I started lessons I was very (and still am) passionate about Rhythm Games like the Project Diva series so I've never had a problem with keeping in time to music when playing. However I do still struggle with reading music and am still learning to understand some terminology.

I enjoy a lot of foreign music such as Japanese, Korean and German. I'm still unsure whether I want to be a serious drummer seeing as I only consider it a hobby; however I'd still love to be in a band and would consider performing as well :)

My favorite bands/groups/drummers:

Senri Kawaguchi
Dowoon from DAY6