News & Site Updates

  • NZBands Website Rebuild

    Mon 09 Jul 18 318 Views

    Hi Guys, I took some time to review the website code today and have decided that its wanky and needs rebuilding. During this time I'd love to hear some suggestions, ideas, even things you think we...

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  • Non Expiring Categories Update

    Thu 17 Aug 17 970 Views

    WELL SHIT. You might remember this notice on site over a year ago The following categories will no longer auto expire listings: Recording Studios,Rehearsal Rooms,Photo & Video Services,Music Lessons...

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  • Non Expiring Categories

    Fri 26 Aug 16 1029 Views

    The following categories will no longer auto expire listings: Recording Studios,Rehearsal Rooms,Photo & Video Services,Music Lessons,Venues

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  • SoundCloud in Profiles

    Fri 26 Aug 16 587 Views

    SoundCloud Embed to profile is once again working. Also you can check out some random members SoundClouds here

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  • Create and Edit Listing Page Update

    Tue 19 Jul 16 625 Views

    We have updated the Create Listing and Edit Listing pages to function better with smaller devices such as phones and tablets. If this update is not working for you or you are having any problems, eith...

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  • Messaging Update

    Tue 16 Feb 16 1010 Views

    The message with the most recent reply now comes first in your list. This was an oversight during our recent rebuild of the messaging system in November last year. If you have any suggestions that mi...

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  • Relist and Forum

    Wed 13 Jan 16 786 Views

    Hi guys, we have added a new function to your manage listings page, you can now automatically relist an expired listing. In other news we have added a forum, you can find this in your dash or menu und...

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  • More things like this...

    Wed 02 Dec 15 776 Views

    At the bottom of listing we now have a selection of 'More things like this...' - 3 random listings related in some way. If you do not see these, then the listing is somehow, freakishly unique. Mini u...

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  • Search and Categories Update

    Sat 28 Nov 15 732 Views

    The search page now contains filters for keyword,category,instrument (sub category) and location. In order for 'instrument' to work we have added a 'sub category' to create & edit listing. Some list...

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  • Mobile Nav Update

    Fri 27 Nov 15 714 Views

    Hey dudes, we recently noticed that the mobile categories/pages navigation was empty on some pages, this has now been fixed. If it still looks this way to you, please refresh the shit out of your brow...

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  • Get Featured!

    Tue 24 Nov 15 697 Views

    Featured listings are now WAY more featured by showing on the homepage instead of just coming up first on category pages. How to get featured: Write a listing with an informative title and great...

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  • Listings Tidy Up

    Mon 23 Nov 15 621 Views

    Listings pages just got bit of a clean up. We have moved all the function buttons like Watch, Message, Website, Facebook etc to the side of the listing as well as added some stats to the top. Everythi...

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  • More Music Services Required

    Sun 22 Nov 15 652 Views

    Since reinstating the expired listings function a few months ago we have expired most of the service related listings such as rehearsal rooms, recording studios, photo/video services & venues etc. If...

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  • Facebook Listing Share Glitch

    Wed 18 Nov 15 722 Views

    Over the last few weeks listings shared to Facebook that don't have an image uploaded with them had the shared image set as something from the Merch Store. While it was kinda funny having 'Guitar Who...

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  • Private messaging update

    Thu 05 Nov 15 737 Views

    We've put in a few hours today to ensure the mobile version of messages is less of a nosebleed for you. The member selection box for creating a new message has also been cleaned up, the delete messag...

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  • The messaging situation

    Tue 03 Nov 15 677 Views

    We had no idea the messages page would turn out to be one of the most used pages. With this in mind we are rebuilding the 'clunky' old system as of now. We have a few bugs existing with Firefox, and i...

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