Garage Rock Blues Rock Roots Punk Blues Swamp Rock Cover Band

21 Jan 2020 / 299 views / 0 watchers marmoset - Auckland Musician

Garage rock, Blues rock, Alternative rock, Punk blues, Indie rock, Roots rock, Swamp rock, Southern rock, Blues rock, Country rock

Band Styles -White Stripes, Creedance Clearwater Rivial, The Beatles, Black Keys, Raconteurs, Rolling Stones, Neil Young, Canned Heat, Tame Impala,

Although I’ve mentioned these bands its important to also keep up to date with new material so the idea is to do cover versions of contemporary in the style of the bands above. I’m in the mindset that we should try and make this cover band interesting a little different from what is offered for cover bands in Auckland.

If you’re interested please get in touch. Experience would be preferable but get in touch anyway.