Looking to make music with other maybe a little older musicians

30 Dec 2019 / 321 views / 0 watchers Nigelgjones - Auckland Musician

Hi I’d like to hook up with other fellow musicians (on the mature side over 40ish maybe), all sorts really doesn’t matter, once a week or so to play together. I’m a once upon a time singer songwriter who’d like to play more often. All sorts of traditional rock styles but not hip hop or rap. Not because I don’t like them I just wouldn’t know how to start playing that. I play guitar and sing mainly rhythm, have recorded an album of originals (see Spotify link) and I have a bit of gear, a couple of guitars and a pa. This is all pretty easy going, looking to play with others after a longish break from music (kids) and get better maybe do a few gigs. Message me if your interested. Auckland central.

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