Guitarist or double bassist

10 Nov 2019 / 199 views / 0 watchers TheRandwickEnd - Auckland Musician

Looking to start or join a band whose priority is to have fun and play around Auckland, not take over the world, I'm in my mid-30s fer chrissakes.

I'm a guitarist by trade but am looking for an excuse to buy a double bass and get down on some rockabilly.

I'm keen to push my skills and play just about any genre but below are what I'd be most keen to play:

-Alt rock (AFI, Smashing Pumpkins, SOAD)
-Emo (Weezer, Brand New, Free Throw, Sorority Noise)
-Dance rock (Bloc Party, Strokes, Wombats)
-Off-rock (Cursive, Fucked Up, Modest Mouse)
-Third-wave ska (RBF, MMBT, Peacocks)
-Punk (Offspring, Blink 182, Rufio)
-A combination of all of the above

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