Looking for a bass player

19 Oct 2019 / 385 views / 2 watchers brentwest - Auckland Musician

Is there any bassists out there that want to join a new 3 piece (at the moment - maybe to include a 2nd guitarist) punk/pop-punk/indie/garage rock band with some hardcore-influenced riffs.

Influences are: Jawbreaker, The cure, Decendents, The Vandals, Buzzcocks, Refused, JImmy Eat World, The National, The Smiths, Death Cab for Cutie. Also some singer-songwriter influences such as City and colour, Sufjan Stevens, Stella Donelly, Julien Baker and Johnny Cash.

We have a good amount of songs (about 5) that we're structuring and I have 4 more songs to get the drummer to learn and play some Cure covers. Let me know if that sounds good or you want to give some different a go.

Would love if you could do back up vocals but not necessary.