Become the next member of our original rock band

13 Oct 2019 / 249 views / 0 watchers Heatherlynn112 - Auckland Musician

do you play the bass like a boss? are you a master of beating your.... drums?Experienced alternative rock band looking for 2 new members. Ask yourself, do I have the creative skills to contribute to writing an original album? Am I passionate and hungry AF to thrive in the mainstream rock music industry? Will they let me in to America??? Do I have the personality of wet blanket? Well if you answered yes to three of those questions then you should probably send me a message.

All you time wasters out there don't even bother we poses a very special set of skills we will find you... Nah just kidding were not going to look for you but we will sign you up to multiple spam sights so just don't do it ????

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