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23 Sep 2019 / 224 views / 2 watchers VincentJC - Auckland Musician

Hello Everyone!

My name is Vincent, Guitarist, 25yrs old, and I am wanting to start a serious band. Write our own songs, make our own sound, style, rehearse, the whole nine yards.

So I am looking for other musicians out there, who are dreaming big and are willing and committed to achieving the ultimate goal. It obviously won't happen overnight, but that is okay.

Some of my own favorite bands are: GnR, Alter Bridge, Pink Floyd, Foo Fighters, Velvet Revolver, BfmV etc.
If your personal tastes don't match up with these, that is fine, I don't really mind what you like. This is just a sort of example of music I draw inspiration from, and I am keen to see with it will be like when I add it to what other musicians draw from, whatever it is.

If you are keen to meet, jam and see where we might go from there.
Email me: vincentcriglington@gmail.com
Mobile: 021 081 73316

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