Drummer Electronic Wizard Wanted to collab with female singer composer

17 Sep 2019 / 150 views / 1 watchers Aurora - Auckland Musician

Hi, I am looking for a another musician to try and form a two person project/band. I'm a female singer and composer and I'd like to make some darkwave and experimental music with some haunting vocals and atmosphere and great beats to it (the beats being something I'm not so good at....). I would like to write original stuff together and hopefully play live with our stuff and go from there. This is not just a hobby on the side of a day job and other commitments so please don't reply unless you have the time and passion to really want to get somewhere. I like a lot of different type of music but for this kind of stuff I think my main inspirations would be bands like Zola Jesus and some of Mike Patton's more experimental stuff. Pls send me a message on here if you're interested. Thanks, Aurora.

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